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Open Season- anti jihad music video

One thing I have wondered is why America has such a negative reputation overseas, yet we have the most gargantuan entertainment complex imaginable, If they wanted to make us look positive they could, but they view us as flawed and therefore project that image into our entertainment. Lately the jihadis have gotten into the i Life and started putting out some kick ass beheading and martyrdom videos. Sad as it sounds that qualifies as pop culture in too much of the Muslim world. Every once in a while you catch a little push back and Rich Ward of Stuck Mojo has got some for the Islamists

Call me an alarmist, but this is not about Iraq or the so called "War On Terrorism", this is about a worldwide movement that is compelled by spiritual teachings to convert us or kill us. It's not about Israel or America, if it was then why is this virus present in Algeria, Sudan, Somalia, Indonesia, the former Soviet Union, the Philippines, India, France, Spain and 1.5 million dead in Darfur. But I thought this whole thing was about Israel and America. Then why are Buddhist and Hindu temples set on fire and the followers of these peaceful religions attacked?.....

This video is NOT attacking Islam. This video is NOT lumping all followers of Islam in with the terrorists. No one in the Stuck Mojo organization is a racist or a bigot, but I refuse to ignore these events so as to keep from offending anyone.

If you don't like what I have to say, don't buy my album.

Respectfully, Rich Ward

His whole explanation was well thought out and delivered. There is no hate involved only a rejection of an ideology aimed at us with bad intent. It would be wrong to ignore an oft-stated goal of our avowed enemies; they have sworn to conquer or kill us. We need to make our answer clear. Now some pounding metal for your non-dhimmifying ass. (h/t Allah from HotAir) Oh yeah, naughty words.