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SPC J.R. Salzman, 1/34 BCT

J. R. Salzman, who writes at Lumberjack in a Desert has been injured by an IED. His right arm has been amputated below the elbow, his left arm and hand are injured, but he notes that he is "in high spirits" (his sense of humor is still there) and that he "will be ok." Get on over there, let him know that he is in a lot of thoughts and prayers. He has, as he notes, a long haul ahead of him. Hat tip goes to Tammi on this one.


Update from Blackfive:  It appears that he is at Walter Reed now.  Soldiers' Angels are working on getting him a Project Valour-IT laptop and a visit soon. For those who don't know, JR has competed (and medaled) in the annual Lumberjack World Championships/Great Outdoor Games (as seen on OLN). His mad lumberjack skilz have even made it into the movies (he log-rolled Steve Martin). 

See the Donovan at Argghhh! for more...

Thanks!, again, to all the bloggers and readers who contributed to our Project Valour-It competition this year.

Update from Blackfive 2:  MaryAnn of Soldiers' Angels Germany actually visited him in Germany last week.  He was recovering from surgery and still out it, but she left a goodie bag and phone card for him.

Update from Laughing Wolf 3: I've just heard from his mother and have asked her permission to share her reports with you. For now, what I will share is that he has had what they hope will be the last surgery on his lost arm, and that despite pain and all, he remains in high spirits. Thanks are sent to everyone who has offered thoughts, prayers, and good wishes. As for me, while the competition may be over, go hit the buttons to donate to Soldiers Angels, and hit it again for Project Valour-It.

Update from Blackfive 01-01-07:  Talked to JR and his wife on New Year's Eve to wish him a successful 2007.  More here.