Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas Sheepdogs

Merry Christmas from Mr. Wolf

Olympicmountain_1 From here in Colorado, I just wanted to extend my Christmas greetings to all of you.  Although I've only been posting here for a short while, I hope to do much more in the coming year, and I truly enjoy and appreciate each and every reader and commenter.

A Christmas story after the jump...

This is what I came home to this week after my trip to Kuwait and environs.  30 inches of snow, shown here in my parent's neighborhood near ours.  (Please stay tuned-I will post more on this particular trip, and some very pointed observations, after the holiday.)

After a 14-hour flight to DC, I spent the next 2 days working to get home for Christmas.  One try after another, the closest I was able to get to our home in Denver was Las Vegas.  No planes, no trains, and very limited automobiles.  The bus would have taken longer than the drive.


So, I got a ticket from DC to Vegas, via Charlotte, NC, and then drove the final 700 miles home.  Luckily, the weather had cleared out, and the trip was completely uneventful for me (other than taking 2 days longer!)

I saw a lot stranded people, and offered to share my ride with anyone who seemed to be headed my direction, but no takers.  All wanted to wait for their plane, and I cannot blame them, as most had luggage 'trapped' in the baggage system with no way to retrieve it.  I only wished I could have done more.

Here's a pic of my son, Jack, who gave me the impetus to push hard to get home as quickly as possible.  Wouldn't have missed Christmas with him for anything!  As any good parent, would have walked the Rockies to make it back in time...Jksnta

From all of us, to all of you, Merry Christmas!!!