Christmas Laughter: They Should Get Medals
Merry Christmas from Mr. Wolf

Merry Christmas

Uncle Jimbo is not the only one to post pictures of pooches, and as Jenny has been possessed by the spirit of Christmas, here she is to command you to have a Very Merry Christmas.


Actually, I think she is using the eyes to try and compel me to give her all the treats for her stocking NOW! and that I give her smoked pigs ears three times a day... She does have pretty good command presence for being all of 35 pounds.

For those that are interested, she and I are doing well. She has not only decided that being with me is not half bad, she has decided that I am the alpha to the point she will not eat unless I stand there with her (and she pretty well doesn't eat if I am not here it seems, such as on business trips), follows me everywhere even unto the head (am glad she hasn't run screaming/rolled on the floor pointing and laughing), and appears to have a strong desire to be touched by me -- particularly for scritches and belly rubs -- pretty much 24/7. Overall, she has good manners and has not needed a lot of training or work. I still have trouble telling the "I want you to love on me" dance from the "potty dance" so if she starts either she goes out. No real problems there, though. She is sleeping inside at night, in a crate.

For exercise, I take her out to Wolf Park so she and her boyfriend can tire each other out by running around off leashes and leads in a protected area. Yes, boyfriend. Noted nature/wolf photographer Monty Sloan goes with us most of the time, and Chumley and Jenny get along very well. In point of fact, Chumley (a Leonberger who clears my waist and 100 pounds) really likes Jenny, and has tried to keep me from taking her away when I go home. We all got a good laugh when he lay down in front of the door, and Jenny walked right over him to go out and get in the car...



Monty was kind enough to give me permission to post these, and if you want something new every day, check out his Wolf Park Photos of the Day. Interestingly enough, Jenny has shown very little interest in, or concern with, the wolves or the bison. They, on the other hand, have been interested in her a time or two. Lots of checking out through the fences and from a distance...

Please keep all who serve in your thoughts, remember them today, tomorrow, and always. From both of us to all of you, a good Solstice and a Very Merry Christmas!

(and Jenny, who says "That's an order!")