Happy New Year!
Thoughts And Prayers Time

Let's kick 2007's ass

2006 was not all I had hoped for, but all of my family is happy and well and that is how I score things. My extended family, all y'all and all those who play the game, didn't have that good a year. We took some hits and some good folks are hurting. Remember the Angels and anyone else helping out. We can't dwell on the costs or we would never honor those who knew them and paid them. Much love to any and all who felt the sting during 2006. But we all know they require that we soldier on, and that means we laugh instead of crying, or at least after.

So in honor of that I introduce the newest X-treme sport, Whale Bellyin', oh yeah baby! All you need is mid-sized waves, a whale-belly, a little rum from the islands and no concept of gravity. We held the first ever Montego Bay Invitational and shockingly I dominated. The tale of that and other adventures to follow but here is a taste of the master at work.

Whale_belly_2 Airborne, all the way!