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Let's kick 2007's ass

Happy New Year!

Well, the New Year fast approaches. Jenny and I have a busy day ahead. Rather, I do and Jenny is intent on supervising as I clean, start cooking, and do all manner of things. Yet, we still want to take the time to wish all our friends here a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year; and, to wish quick and appropriate solutions to the enemies of freedom everywhere.

If you want a good laugh to day, Chris Muir does it again with this revealing look at our uneducated and mistaken troops...

If you want to do something good for all who serve, and particularly for those injured, go make a donation to Soldier's Angels. I think a good resolution for the new year might be to send a small amount each month, don't you?

So, let's be careful out there as we move forward into the new year.