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Hamdan II- All three branches agree on Gitmo

Gitmo_white_shirt A much needed win if we want to act seriously in opposing terror anywhere. There was much jubilation when the Supremes ruled in Hamdan, the problem was too many people failed to read the ruling. They didn't rule against keeping bad guys at Gitmo without a right to a day in US court. They said the current law doesn't support this explicitly, and made it clear that Congress needed to decide if there should be US law to support this action. For once Congress acted decisively and the Military Commissions Act was passed, perhaps the last tool on terror we will see from them for a while.

To make it even more proper, the same judge who had initially ruled for Hamdan that such detentions were illegal was whipping a 180.

Hamdan's case was sent back before Robertson, a nominee of President Clinton who was a prominent civil rights advocate in private practice.

Though Robertson originally sided with Hamdan, he said that he no longer had jurisdiction to hear Hamdan's case because Congress clearly intended to keep such disputes out of federal courts. He said foreigners being held in overseas military prisons do not have the right to challenge their detention, a right people inside the country normally enjoy.

The people who believe that non-citizens who are actively engaged in trying to kill us and destroy or dhimmify our civilization will bemoan another act in defiance of our Constitution; you know they will. That is an extraordinarily silly argument in this case where all three branches of government are in complete agreement.

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