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The MSM v. Bill Roggio -- and Us

Goodbye Kofi- Thanks for nothing

First let me be perfectly frank, I hate Kofi Annan.

And I don't bandy that word about all that much because I like to save if for worthy causes and Kofi, c'est magnifique. In order to make the list of the hated you must be actively hurting innocent people, not necessarily by design but certainly by result. The United Nations, under his excremental leadership, is without peers in this regard. It has done more bad to more people on the fundamental pretense of good than any organization ever.

If there ever was a time when the UN has focused on a problem and made things demonstrably better, it has passed. Now the appearance of the UN means bad things for whoever they decide to help. First come the parasitic bureaucrats to hold conferences, fact-finding missions, dialogues, but mostly to rack up outrageous bills at the finest hotels on our dime.

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