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Domestic Spying by Bill Clinton?

Oh the horror, after all the effort and energy the left has spent howling about W's egregious violations of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Magna Carta and several ancient Sumerian law texts, it turns out Slick Willy had some actual domestic spying going on. Byron York at NRO:

But the Evening Standard reports that American intelligence agencies "were bugging Princess Diana's telephone over her relationship with a U.S. billionaire" , identified as American businessman Theodore Forstmann. That report suggests the surveillance took place over a period of some time. If that is accurate, then the story could be quite different.

If there were a conversation between him, in the United States, and Diana, outside the United States, it would resemble, at least in structure, the conversations between people in the United States and those in foreign countries that have been at the center of the controversy over what President Bush calls the terrorist-surveillance program and what Democrats call "domestic spying." (The difference, of course, would be that the Bush administration says it has listened to conversations involving people with known connections to a foreign enemy, al Qaeda; neither Diana nor Forstmann, a public-minded financier who was quite active in Republican politics, appears to fit a comparable description.)

Not Billy Clinton, he would never spy on US citizens or collect FBI records on Republicans or use all of the governmental agencies under his control as well as private political hacks to investigate and smear anyone who troubled him, not Billy Jeff?

Now there is not much there here, I understand and there is a good chance it is BS, but......Heh