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RE:  Blackfive - When you steal from a Milblogger
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RE:  Mike Yon - Speak Out to HFM

The Huntress delivers the news that HFM's Shock magazine has shut down

According to Keith Kelly of The NY Post:   SHOCK IS OVER AND OUT.  GONE. DEAD.

HFM has pulled the plug on that piece of trash SHOCK magazine that stole Mike Yon's iconic photo and then reneged on a settlement even before the ink was dry!...

More at Huntress's Diary of a Hollywood Refugee.

A big thank you to all who boycotted, contacted HFM, retailers, etc.  You made a difference.

And Instapundit has a post on it in context of bloggers and old media

FYI - more than likely, Mike will be back in Iraq just in time to catch Santa.  Mike wants to spend the majority of 2007 in Iraq, but will need support in order to do so.

So, please, if you want the truth out of Iraq, go hit Mike's tip jar and send him some support.