Al Jazeera shows the hate
ROE - Rules of Endangerment

AP- press agents for the terrorists

The Associated Press would love it if all those pesky bloggers would quit throwing their BS flags on their BS reporting. We'll stop when they stop stamping steaming piles of dung with an AP seal of approval and calling it news. This is the organization brazen enough to complain that one of their Pulitzer prize-winning photogs was being held by the US, Censorship they cry! The fact that this gentleman, Bilal Hussein, was captured in a raid that scarfed up two terrorist bomb-makers and the trusted AP photog had explosive residue all over him is unimportant when you are making (up) the news.

Well the AP seems to have cordial relations with many of Sadaam's cousins as they have been using a police Capt. named Jamil Hussein as a source for a couple of years now. Problem is the Iraqis say he's not one of theirs, well the Iraqi government says they don't know him. I don't know if the insurgents are announcing official spokespeople, but the AP seems to have taken on the role willingly. 61 AP stories are sourced to the as-yet-unseen Capt. Hussein. The one causing the most buzz is his report that 6 Sunnis were drug from a mosque, doused with kerosene and burnt alive recently. The only media outlet reporting this horrific event is the AP and even the NY Times in-country guy said he couldn't believe it happened since none of the folks in the area had heard a thing.

But the AP sticks to it's guns and even fires back with a pissy response that maintains their right to call whomever they wish an Iraqi police Capt. Let's Fisk a little