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A Radio Tribute to Navy SEAL Michael Monsoor

Michael Fumento got into a firefight in Ramadi a few months ago, and as it turned out, he ended up on a rooftop with SO2 Michael Monsoor.   Monsoor, who has now been nominated for the Medal of Honor for his actions to prevent a grenade blast from killing three other SEALs in a sniper hide in the Mulaab district of Ramadi, was the topic of discussion on KNX radio in Los Angeles. 

Fumento's blog is here and he is one of three veterans who have embedded as bloggers in Iraq including the incomparable Michael Yon and the currently embedded Bill Roggio.  Fumento scored a cover story in a recent issue of Weekly Standard and his picture of Mikey (which has been on my Blackberry for months) is regarded as one of the best images captured of SEALs in combat in the Iraq theatre. 


To my knowledge, Fumento is the only journalist blogger or otherwise to embed with SEALs in combat since the initial invasion whene Steve Centani went along with SEALs and Polish Grom on the Umm Qasr takedown on D-Day.  Rumor has it that a Newsweek reporter is currently deployed with the NSW Squadron in Iraq now, however.

Thanks Michael for your support of Mikey's MOH and the SEAL Teams in general.