Group Studies Iraq- Fails to find clue bag
Belmont Club's Richard Fernandez on the ISG report

A Modest Proposal From the Froggy Study Group

There is no way to sugarcoat the situation in Iraq except to say that what the American people THINK is happening there does not reflect the reality of what is actually occurring. Perception is reality in this case and if the war is perceived to have been lost here where the decisions are made, then like Vietnam, the successes and progress we have made so far don’t count for much. I am not interested in global opinion, elite media spin, or the inane advice of another blue ribbon panel. The US military is f#cking owed its opportunity to finish what it was ordered to start. Nothing else matters, because as Charlie Rangel says, nobody in this country has any connection to the military anyway so why should they care if we want the job done right?

Here’s my strategy for… well, whatever. President Bush has a very narrow timeframe to pursue the victory that he still claims to want in Iraq. He is outta here in two years and nobody but nobody who gets elected President will have a mandate for anything other than total withdrawal from Iraq. In other words, act now, while supplies last. The best chance that the Iraqi military will be able to take over control of its territory is if that territory has been purged of terrorists and militias. I say that we begin that purge… in earnest. The Iraqi Army is not ready for that kind of intense and complex operation so let’s just allow them to sit back in reserve while we commence the bombardment of areas like Sadr City and Ramadi and other areas where undesirables are concentrated. I’m not talking a Fallujah style takedown either-I’m talking a Dresden/Tokyo style deal. Surround the city/neighborhood, tell the military age males who don’t want any trouble to depart the city to the west, the rest to the east, wait a week, and bu-bye. Linebacker III

What will this accomplish? First of all, these kind of definitive tactics when used against a Sunni (Ramadi) town and a Shia (Sadr City) town will have a profound psychological impact on non-al Qaida enemy elements in Iraq. Having threatened and delivered on this threat a total annihilation of two key anti-government strongholds, the next town that we start encircling will start seeing things the way we do and begin to address their own problem children. Then we can send the Iraqi Army in there to round up the dirtbags and if they are attacked, we back off, cordon the town and go for round two. Eventually, the message will be received and Iraqi Army units will be able to occupy the remaining trouble areas of the country so we can leave. Secondly, this will send an unmistakable message to Iran and Syria that will show them that we’re a little crazy too, so back the f#ck up.

The only thing preventing this is political cowardice by the President. But, at this point, what does he have to lose? This has already been declared the "worst strategic mistake in the history of the USA" and he will go down in history as the President who was the architect of that. Playing nice with the other children in this world has not helped us much and it never did. If you are prepared to send our forces into battle sir, please be prepared to call down the thunder. Do not make us slink home like a bunch of losers when you didn’t even let us open up the playbook. Hard times call for hard men to do hard things. We’re hard, the times are hard, what the f#ck are you waiting for?

Update:  If you don't believe me, see what my friend Chris Berman has to say.  This is what Chris is up to right now.