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Why Sadr must die

You heard it here first.  I'm going to call it- snuff of Mr Sadr should happen soon.  Why we have not carried this out before is something I truly do not understand about international relations.  We removed Saddam, why would we let someone who is obviously as bad remain in power in that government?

Sadr_picture1aThis is a picture of some of his work- from Aug 27th, 2004, of the aftermath of a Sharia court that Sadr held during an Najaf.  (AP photo by Alaa al Murjani).  Did anyone see this photo run?  Any other Muslim clerics condemn it?  10 bodies were found after this 'trial'.  Sadr set up the court, ordered arrests, and meted out punishment.  More pics after the jump...

Sadr's group stated this week that they would pull out of the Iraqi government if their leader met with President Bush.  I say, good riddance.  This group is responsible for more violence in Iraq than any other single group, save Al Queda in Iraq.  Sadr has admitted that his influence has waned with the group, but they have responded to his orders before- where during An Najaf, he called them off once Sistani dressed him down for his actions.  Where is Sistani now?

Sadr_picture2a_1 This is another 'court' he held, where 25 were meted out 'punishment' and killed in a Sadr-sponsored Sharia court (AP photo Ahmad al-Rubaye).  Somehow, I don't think this one made it to the NY Times at that time.  Again, Sadr meted out punishment to all those who had transgressed Islam, in his mind.  Usually, this level of 'judgment' is reserved for those far in advance of Sadr's level of training.  He is nothing but a thug, a punk in cleric's dress, doing a disservice to his family name.  Yet, he controls a large portion of the current Iraqi congress, as well as a very large militia who have sworn against working with the Coalition. 

There have been several operations in the past to take out Sadr that were called off at the very, very last moment.  If the level of violence we saw the last two days continues, I hope they dust them off and finally implement them. 

In Sadr City (which for some reason, keeps that family name, rather than the Al Thawra district that it was changed to) he has a history of robbing people, taking their belongings, and handing them out in another area, just to show his 'benevolence'.  The most violent Ponzi scheme I can imagine.

Why should we stand to let him remain in power, if he is as bad if not worse than Saddam ever was?  Why keep him in power if we can arrest, try, and hang him next to Saddam?  Remember- there was an open warrant for murder out on Sadr that was never acted upon.  Cowardice, and lack of integrity on the part of the coalition and interim government prevented it from being served.  What 'service' has that allowed?  There is no one to step up (down?) to his position if he is 'removed'.

There are many more examples of this man's transgressions on humanity; I'm calling for his arrest and trial for 'war crimes'.  Women and children have died by his orders- why should he receive less than Saddam?