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Welcoming the Fighters

Amber, in one of the (many) comments to the post on "Unwelcome in American Pubs," has a great idea.  She writes:

I think too, that instead of creating a running list of the bad guys, there should be a list of the good guys. I will add Emma Krumbees in Belle Plaine, MN to that list. Whenever a soldier is in uniform they they either give them a free meal of free pie. They are a great bunch of people who are proud to have soldiers in their restaurant. My husband does not like to abuse their kindness, so he does not wear his uniform there unless he absolutely has to.

We all remember the much-lamented Fran O'Brien's.  We must all know stories of places where a man in uniform gets his coffee on the house, or is otherwise shown due honor by the community.

Pile on in the comments, and let's build that list.  It's at least as important to praise good men as to condemn bad ones.