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Ward 57 - Be a Hero this Christmas

[Reposting from the 21st]

Andi at Andi's World has a great post about Christmas on Ward 57 at Walter Reed and how you can help bring some Christmas cheer to our soldiers recovering from their wounds there:

Last Christmas my husband was deployed, so I decided to spend Christmas Day at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  I left the hospital more blessed than when I had entered:

The father of one of our wounded troops told me that he saw exactly what he wanted to see on Christmas Day in Ward 57 -- the ward where many of our most critically wounded reside -- people arriving with their arms loaded with goodies for our troops. The wife of one of the soldiers told me that it didn't matter that they were spending their Christmas in a hospital, "our family is together".

Many milbloggers are familiar with Carrie Costantini, the wife of a Marine and a frequent commenter on milblog sites. I had the incredible pleasure of meeting Carrie over breakfast last week. Carrie and Deb worked on Operation Santa last year. This year, Carrie had the brilliant idea to expand the project out to include wounded troops at Walter Reed and Bethesda...

Visit Andi's World to see how you can help Andi and Carrie bring some Christmas cheer to the people who should receive it the most...our troops.