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Unwelcome in American Pubs

Reader Robyn E. Giacoletti writes from Bisbee, AZ, where her son received a similar "welcome" to that of the Royal Marines below.  She forced a letter of apology from the bar owner, and the firing of the bartender in question, but the story is still stunning.

Her letters are below the fold.

UPDATE:  One of the things to come out in this thread is that the hotel in question, the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, AZ, has new owners since the incident described below.  The new owners are proud veterans, and wish to assure all of you that servicemen will be welcomed there.

Her first letter:

Hi Grim,

I read your posting today about the Royal Marine being refused service in a local pub.  My son was refused service in his hometown when he showed his military ID.  He was home after his 1st deployment to Iraq (he has been 2 more times) over the 4th of July.  I will never get over what happened to him.  I did raise hell and the bartender was terminated but the damage was done as far as my son looking at his hometown the same.  I was ashamed.  He was also called a baby killer by someone in the very same bar that saw his ID…….Unbelievable.  I find myself getting upset once again writing this.  I have nothing but the deepest respect for what our fine young men and women are doing; they should not have to put up with some of the garbage they are facing.  Nothing makes me angrier or more ashamed of some of my fellow Americans.  Thank you for what you do, it gives me hopeJ  God Bless America and our soldiers.  Robyn Giacoletti

Robyn E. Giacoletti

I wrote to ask for permission to publish the details, and she replied as below.  (Her first sentence is a result of my having begun my letter, "Ma'am.")

Please, call me Robyn…thank you for your response.  I live in a small town called Bisbee.  After the mines closed we inherited, um, how do I say, many of the 60’s throwbacks.  There are weekly protests against the war and anything else they can think of.  Our hometown newspaper is a joke, liberal BS at its worst. Front page news was when one of the locals went and joined the horrible Cindy Sheehan during her 1st summer protest.   I don’t even buy it anymore.  My town is so changed from when I grew up in it as well as my children.  The name of the establishment is the Copper Queen Hotel Bar.  I did receive a letter of apology from the owners but as I stated before, the damage was done.  We are proud of our son, I have pictures of him everywhere here at work as well as pro-military signs, etc. right next to ‘Lan Astaslem’, I will not submit…..and I won’t….thank you again, and of course, I would be honored to have you publish the details, people need to know what really goes on.  Thank you for getting the truth out there, this is one military mom that really appreciates it.


My pleasure, ma'am.  It should be clear that this kind of behavior is never acceptable in America.  All good people should be ready to denounce it whenever it comes to light.