Nancy Pelosi- Strategerist
Rumsfeld's Replacement

Uncle J sanity check

First of all you gotta know that my mental health is constantly under suspicion, but lately I have been getting more than normal amounts of WTF? email.

Yes I voted for Green candidates. I thought I made it clear this was not endorsement of Green politics, but an attempt to help the far left peel away from the Dems. This would help, the same way Nader threw 2000 to W. I have not lost my mind and converted.

Yes I called W an idiot. I maintain that position today and think that throwing Rummy to the howling mob was idiotic and poorly planned. Strategery has not been the strong suit of this administration and that sucks.

Yes I am busting Ward Carroll's balls. I am doing so for fun and entertainment not due to any real beef with him. It's a big dog thing, I understand that Ward is a great guy. In a pack there is constant jockeying for status, Ward way out clouts me, so I am kneeing him in the neck to gain status. I have a big advantage, because I am funny and he is not. Plus I'm a lead singer and he's a guitarist. I'm a Green Beret and he's a Nasal Aviator. I'm enlisted swine and he is an O. Lighten up, I'm supposed to be making him kick trash cans. I have been doing this for a long time people, I'm a trained professional. Trust me.