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Royal Marines Not Welcome in Pub

In Training has two posts about Royal Marine Commandos turned away from a pub in Liverpool.  Why?  They were in uniform, having attended the funeral of a fellow Marine.

The first post is here, and the followup is here.

The author, a longtime BlackFive reader engaged to a Royal Marine herself, is naturally furious.  The company's justification?

The Licensing Act of 2003 places clear responsibility upon all of our venue teams to ensure that all of our customers can enjoy a safe experience.

Well, drinking with Marines may not always be safe...

Surely that is beside the point, however.  The proper response to having a Marine in uniform enter a place of refreshment is to offer to buy him a drink.  Given what they have offered, at a young age, they deserve to receive the most honorable reception wherever they go.

They defend our civilization.  They ought to enjoy civilization's benefits.  Those surely include a drink at a pub, and the acclaimation of a grateful people.