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Political ads are sorry

Donna, an excellent progressive blogger at madison.com, posted this in the comments on a post of mine where I complained loud and profanely about the Dems using flag-draped coffins in a campaign ad.

Uncle Jimbo, I'd like to revive this topic because there is an update. You say the Democrats are dead to you because the DNC ran an ad (that they pulled almost immediately) including flag draped coffins.Now the National Republican Campaign Committee, that made such a stink about the DNC ad, is running TWO ads including flag draped coffins.

The NRCC is refusing to pull the ads, even though one of the candidates came out against it (wink, wink, nod, nod).

So, are you now going to come out with a post blasting the Republican Party? Are they dead to you now, too? Now's your chance to stand on principle, Jimbo.

I'm not sure the Repubs were ever live to me, but yeah. Screw them too.

The rest of the well-deserved disgust at political ads and the original paint-peeling YouTube tirade that started it.