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Nancy Pelosi- Strategerist

I expect a certain amount of ignorance and naivete about the military and war overall among Democrats, although there are exceptions, but Nancy Pelosi is setting a new standard. In an interview on FOX news she manages to perfectly encapsulate why she and the Dems overall have no idea what we are really doing. From the new Speaker of the House about Iraq (at HotAir w/ video):

"not a war to be won but a situation to be solved"

Right, and that will really make our troops fighting and dying in this situation feel a whole lot better. Thank you Madame Speaker, for that show of your deep understanding and acknowledgement that you don't even know what color the clue bag is. A situation to be solved, a spot of bother, maybe a sticky wicket, but a war? Certainly not, that would require a win or loss or maybe a tie like Korea. Madame Speaker is neatly sidestepping that whole quagmire and rebranding this as The Iraq Situation.

Presumably all we have to do is withdraw our troops and voila, situation solved. I mean the situation is not an attempt to defang an evil tyrant and in doing so send a message to other evil tyrants that evil tyranny, support for terror and WMDs are no longer wise moves. No, no, no the situation is a straight blood for oil trade to benefit W's cronies and Halliburton and our troops are needlessly sacrificed upon the altar of American imperialism.

The clip at HotAir starts with Pelosi telling Wolf Blitzer on CNN that even the military's own papers were calling for Rummy's resignation, blissfully unaware that the Army, Navy, AF and Marine Corps Times are owned by Gannett Corp and run by the same weasels who put out USA Today. That is the level of knowledge and understanding the freshly minted Dem leadership will bring to the table as they tackle The Situation in Iraq. At least she can call on John Kerry & John Murtha. WThanksgiving_bush_turkey_copye're screwed.

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