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My Last Wish "Take this 100K and throw a party in Vegas"

    "Don't ever think that you are defending me by slamming the global war on terrorism or the U.S. goals in that war.  As far as I am concerned, we can send guys like me to go after them, or we can wait for them to come back to us again. It was an honor to serve my country, and I wouldn't change a thing. - Captain Jeffrey Toczylowski, last email sent upon his death, November 2005

About a hundred of you have sent the LA Times article written by Bob Sipchen about the last wishes of US Army Special Forces Captain:

SHORTLY after Jeffrey "Toz" Toczylowski's last mission in Iraq a year ago this month, friends received a message.

"If you are getting this e-mail, it means that I have passed away," the missive said. "No, it's not a sick Toz joke, but a letter I wanted to write in case this happened."

The Army Special Forces captain, 30, said he would like family and friends to attend his burial at Arlington National Cemetery, "but understand if you can't make it." The message, distributed by a fellow Green Beret after Toczylowski's family had been notified of his death, added this: "There will also be a party in Vegas with a 100k to help pay for travel, room and a party."


At 9 p.m., six Green Berets swarmed an unsuspecting colleague on the suite's attached basketball court. A few feet from where one chef carved rare prime rib and a sushi chef sliced hamachi and spicy tuna rolls, the men wrestled their thrashing comrade onto an 8-foot stepladder, secured him from chin to shoes with a few hundred feet of duct tape, covered him with whipped cream and strategically placed cherries, spray-painted his hair red, poured whiskey down his throat and then hoisted the ladder into a vertical position and stuck a microphone to his face.

"The first time this happened we were in Bosnia," detachment Cmdr. Ryan Armstrong, 31, said, spitting booze and dessert toppings. "Jeff was a sniper team leader. I was the assault team leader…. That time they left me taped to a dolly for a couple of hours…. Toz was the one who cut me loose."...

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