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The one post you should read today is over at Michelle Malkin's blog.  She recounts the press conference (AP in attendence) and the efforts to quell rumors to keep violence from happening in retaliation for things that, apparently, never happened.  This is Newsweak's Koran Flushing story times ten...

Ministry of Interior Weekly Press Conference Thursday, November 30, 2006

By Brig. Gen. Abdul Kareem Khalaf Al-Kenani
Ministry of Interior spokesman

Press conference synopsis:

1. Media, especially satellite news channels, must adhere to
responsible practices:

a. MOI is monitoring coverage, and will insist on corrections to
false reports.

b. Unnamed sources should not be used. Two recently named sources
do not work for MOI. Contact MOI PAO for official information.

c. Rumors are rampant, and media should be careful to check with
official sources about information to avoid spreading false rumors.

2. MOI succeeded in a number of operations against terrorists in

a. The Baghdad Sniper was apprehended, and information gained from
him led to the arrest of 30 others in his organization.

b. Two unauthorized "courts" that had issued death fatwas were
broken up.

c. A kidnapping cell, including one that raped a young girl, was

Go check out the whole comment from Brigadier General Al-Kenani.

Did you check out number 2.a?  Will CNN report that Juba the Baghdad Sniper (a group or cell of snipers - Juba is probably not a real person) is toast?

From October 19th - CNN Plays into the Hands of the Enemy (Knowingly)

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