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Marines VS Camel Spiders

Marines lose.

What's the range of a squeal from a US Marine?

Sean at Doc in the Box uses Camel Spiders to test the squeal capacity of US Marines.  He filmed a video, when he was in Iraq, of Marines cowering before the awesome might of the deadly gruesome Camel Spider.

The idea was a hodgepodge of blog posts about camel spiders and how I was always talking about grown Marines screaming like little girls. Tonight I will have proof!

So I bent over and picked critter up, pulled my digital camera out of my pocket and started a quest to all of the shops around the squadron. My plan of attack was; I would walk up to people filming and tell them I was making a video to send home about Iraq, ask them their name, how they liked Iraq and what they thought of camel spiders and halfway through that question. I would toss the carcass onto their laps. The numbers that came from the process? Out of 15 subjects tested, 5 did indeed squeal like little girls (one was female though). The squealers as a whole did jump out of their chairs or from where ever they were standing, moving almost faster then the eye could see away from the spider. Two of the subjects started swearing a blue streak and vowing revenge upon my body. One forewarned possible subject saw me approaching his area and started picking at his fingernails with a large knife. I didn't include him in the study...

Hopefully, Doc has ETS'd from his unit...