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Lt. Andrew Kinard - Time for Spiritual Warfare

I received an email from Major Dan Gade, who like Andrew, wasn't supposed to make it after being wounded.  But he held on, the doctors worked their miracles, Dan fought long and hard and we prayed for him, and he made it.  Sergeant Joey Bozik was also not supposed to survive and, like Dan, recovered.  Now, Dan asks that we do the same for a Marine Officer, Andrew Kenton Kinard, of the 2nd Marine Division’s 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion.

Three weeks ago, Marine Lieutenant Andrew Kinard was on patrol in Iraq and was hit by an IED (three other Marines were hit, too).  Apparently, before shock set in, Kinard established security and asked about his men, then passed out.  The damage to his body was extremely severe.  I don't know who the hospital corpsman was who assisted Lt. Kinard, but I know that Kinard went into cardiac arrest twice and lost most of his blood - whoever that corpsman is, he is a miracle worker.  Andrew was flown to Al Asad (by that time had used 67 units of blood), then Germany and now Bethesda.  He has lost his right leg above the knee, the left leg at his pelvis, and he has lots of internal damage to his intestines, kidneys, etc.  He's on a ventalator.  He  is fighting infections.  He's been awake only a few times since his injury.

Once he recovers, he'll be moved to Walter Reed for rehabilitation.

So, if ever there was a case for your faith, prayers are needed for Lieutenant Kinard, especially that he may have strength in his kindneys and pulmonary system to survive long enough to have surgery to fix critical functions and survive a kidney transplant.

Time for some Spiritual Warfare, people.  Spread the word...