John Forbes Kerry - Still An Asshat - Day 2 - Part 2
Snowball Express: Christmas Fun for the children of fallen US servicemembers

John Forbes Kerry - Still an Asshat - Day 2 - Part 3 - Enlisted Swine Answer

Jack of Texas Music also contributes at Enlisted Swine - he posts a must-read letter to Senator Kerry (rated PG13):

...Well, sir, whatever you intended to say, your remarks are being taken as a swipe at the intellect of our fighting men and women in iraq.

You really didn't mean to go there, now did you?

Of course you didn't.

While I know that you have no great regard for the men and women of our military, even you know better than to openly imply that they are a bunch of dummies who couldn't hack it in the real world or didn't have the cash to hide out in college, so were left with no choice but to become cannon fodder for Bushco and his Oil War.

No, that's the kind of thing that gets said behind closed doors. Among the 'intellectual elite,' who have long held the military in barely disguised contempt.

Not out on the campaign trail, where such gaffes have a tendency to bite one on the ass.

But you know, there's a grain of truth in that. Maybe even more than a grain.

Lots of men and women have joined the armed forces, seeing in military service not only a chance to defend their nation, but an opportunty to better themselves.

Military service opens doors. It can change lives.

It worked for me...

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