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John Forbes Kerry - Still an Asshat - Day 2 - Part 3 - Enlisted Swine Answer

John Forbes Kerry - Still An Asshat - Day 2 - Part 2

Okay, about fifty of you have sent this phot which is also on LGF, Free Republic and probably elsewhere.  Thanks to Steve, Joanie, Tony in Boulder, Ray, Dale, Brett, Amy...

Troops in Iraq respond to John Forbes Kerry's assertions that they are stuck there because they are uneducated...


So halp demm Jon Carry...!!!

Update:  Many have claimed that the photo is from Afghanistan.  Maybe that's the Kerry camp's answer since the grunts are too stoopid to know where they are at...

But, several people have emailed me about the patches and the unit.  I received this answer from a local deputy commander:

the soldiers are from our 1/34 Brigade Combat Team based in Minnesota. They also have units from Iowa, Nebraska, and New Jersey with them.

I received other similar emails too.  The undauntable Chuck Simmins sends: appears that the friendly folks of the Minnesota National Guard are
the originators of the now famous Irak photo. They are currently in Iraq.

The insignia appears twice in the pic, hanging on the trailer on the
right and on the arm patch of the soldier on the far left.

Chuck Simmins
America's North Shore Journal

Now, of course, we probably just got the MN National Guard Adjutant General all fired up.  Please let me know if anyone gets in trouble over the photo. 

Note:  When I was a young Army Sergeant, I used to put on a Marine cover whenever causing trouble.  Our young people need to be smarter when causing trouble.  Throw on a 3rd ID patch or something for crying out loud...Hell, I bet Jimbo had whole uniforms made for such purposes.