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I said what? Dems memories on WMDs

The GOP put together a pretty slick video of all the usual suspects from the left discussing Saddam's threat to us and the need to do something about it. Heck listening to them I was convinced that a failure to remove Sadaam would have been a horrendous mistake. They were certain he had weapons or at a minimum the capability and plans to reconstitute the programs and they were just as sure that we needed to act. Funny how times change, sad for them that video doesn't.

You gotta admit it is a compelling look at why we went to Iraq and given the cutting and running currently underway ought to be a reminder that W didn't just cowboy us into this. There was a huge bi-partisan consensus and lahdee dahdee evereebahdee was through with Sadaam. Now the Dems are fighting amongst themselves to backpeddle the furthest away from their pre-war positions. Bush is responsible for the conduct of the war, Congress is equally responsible for the decision to make war. (h/t HotAir)