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Hate to agree with Charlie Rangel, but let's have a draft

On Veteran's Day I said we need a National Service Draft and have heard some excellent commentary pro and con. The main con seems to be that we would dilute the quality of our current all-volunteer force. That is a fair and prudent worry, but one that we can fairly easily overcome. But my question to all would be, since there is an obvious need for common defense, why would the default be that not all should share that burden? Shouldn't national service be the norm?

This isn't a call to lower standards, but an infusion of more talent into the mix. While the current make up of our military out performs it's civilian counterparts, significant numbers of very talented youngsters could seize the opportunity and strengthen the services overall. Plus most of us are well aware of the ability of military service and cameraderie to enable under performers to turn themselves around. Some would fail, and that would need to be dealt with. But many more would succeed and many more would them bring the values of military duty to their civilian life, or at least an understanding of it.

Why this will improve the military and our populace