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Don’t Drag Others into Your Cowardice, Larry

Just in time for the Holidays we have another Lawrence O'Donnell meltdown on Scarborough Country.  Instead of berating John O'Neill (combat veteran) for lying about John Kerry's Blue Falconry, he was attempting to make a stupid point in support of Charlie Rangel's draft by imputing his own gutless cowardice to the other panel members. 

"We now have an American combat force that has no connection to the society at large." 

Is that a fact?  When challenged on this assertion by a republican panelist, Rosie's brother(?) whipped out his acrylic nails and started scratching everybody's eyes out like a pissed off high school girl.  He goes straight to the chickenhawk card and proceeds to toss the whole deck at the panel all the while stomping his feet and whining like a b*tch. 

Not one of us.  Not one of us has the courage to put ourselves in the military or to go into combat... One minute of your [republican panelist's] life has not been spent contemplating military service.  Your'e just like me, you wouldn't dare enlist in the military, you are as afraid of it as I am.

That is not so much an argument as it is a cry for help.  It is not of interest to me to rehash the tired chickenhawk meme here as much as I am facinated by Larry's desire to get somebody else in this world to admit to being as big a pussy as he is.  The other interesting thing about this exchange is how schizophrenic it is.  On the one hand Larry is giving all of us vets a world class ballwashing for having the stones to roger up for military duty while at the same time looking down his nose in pity at the poor urchins who couldn't find a good job and were economically pressed into service. 

Notwithstanding the assinine purpose behind the Rangel Draft which is to force America to have a "connection" to the Iraq war.  I find it amusing that Rosie's brother wants the next generation of pussies, hippies, and losers to face their "fear" and take some bullets for Uncle Sam even though he skated on that program.  Talk about chickenhawking, do as I say I was too scared to do, not as I did. 

But as we all know, the real purpose of the Rangel Draft is to destroy the military so that it cannot be trusted and therefore used.   This is merely another Democratic entitlement jobs program that would be used by the left to manipulate the young as a captive audience.  Then the Dems could be the party of military pay hikes and increased veteran's benefits as a way to hold hostage an enormous constituency of young Americans and condition them to vote for Dem handouts for the rest of their lives.  All the while eating the soul out of what is the most professional and lethal military force to have ever occupied the planet. 

Warriors join up to fight precisely because that is what warriors are about.  We are the sheepdogs and we derive pleasure from protecting our own and destroying our enemies.  What if, uh oh, we actually need to use the military after it has been riven with the cancer of cowardice and mediocrity?  Then we will have the meat grinder that we have thus far completely avoided.  What will Charlie Rangel and Larry O'Donnell say when those cowardly, undisciplined conscripted troops are slaughtered en mass somewhere?  At least we'll all feel...connected.  How nice.