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Daniel Unger - A Hero's Love

Hotair has the memorial film - A Hero's Love - that everyone should watch about Daniel Unger's life and death.  It's a must see.

Daniel Unger was a fourth degree blackbelt and fast on his feet.  He died saving Iraqi civilians when his FOB was mortared by insurgents.

...Daniel was assigned to provide on-base armed escort for a group of Iraqi contractors doing plumbing and electrical work. When the first mortar came in at 3:30 PM, everyone “hit the deck.” After the first explosion, all the soldiers did what they were trained to do, they ran for the safety of the bunkers. All but SPC Unger.

The Iraqi civilian contractors appeared afraid and bewildered. Daniel ran to them, yelled at them, got behind them and shoved them in front of himself toward the safety of the bunker as the second mortar landed. As shrapnel flew and other mortars approached, Daniel got the Iraqis to the bunker and, in the words of the Commanding Officer, the Captain, “Once the attack started, Daniel placed his own well being in jeopardy by making sure the civilian workers went inside the protective bunker before he did.” Then the third mortar hit!

That third mortar killed Daniel Unger.  He could've saved himself, but, instead, protected the Iraqi workers.  It was his decision to be the last man into the bunker, civilians first.  That's why John 15:13 is so appropriate to describe Daniel Unger's love.

All of the Iraqi civilians were saved...