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Christmas Charity Ideas to support our troops

As usual, Hugh Hewitt is on the leading edge and has called out the B5 community to suggest some worthy military charities that people can donate to in lieu of giving Christmas gifts.  I find this to be a fantastic idea especially since my father is a man who has all that he needs and wants, is a proud veteran, and whose birthday is in the midst of the Christmas season. 

Hugh linked to one of my favorites already, the United Warrior Survivor Foundation which is run by a personal friend of mine and fellow SEAL Reservist, Nick Rocha.  This charity is unique because it focuses its efforts on the widows and families of fallen Special Operations Forces operators.  They provide money, counseling, and financial planning advice to the widows left behind.  Nick and the UWSF were featured on NBC Nightly News a week or so ago, here is the story with video.

My other submission is the Naval Special Warfare Foundation, which provides money for the immediate needs of the families of fallen SEALs and college scholarships to the children of fallen SEALs.  The NSWF has committed to putting all the kids of SEALs who gave their lives on the battlefield through college.  This is a long term project and very expensive but very important.  Capt. Bob Rieve (Ret.) is the chairman of the NSWF and he was the Commodore for NSW Group 2 when I was at SEAL Team FOUR.  He was a great Commodore and his stewardship of the Foundation has been outstanding.  I spent quite a bit of time speaking with him at the UDT/SEAL Reunion last summer and he impressed me as a man who is deeply committed to his SEAL brethren.

I personally donate to both of these charities every month and I am quite certain that they are both being managed properly and provide a crucial service to our SOF operator's families.

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