RUMINT - Rumsfeld to Step Down
Chow Hall Reaction to Election

Bush is an idiot

I have spent plenty of time and effort defending the policies of the Bush administration, but I am done. I called for Rummy's retirement here, not for failure but because 6 years as a wartime Sec Def was plenty. Now we get this, the moonbats are right, Bush is an idiot.

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld stepped down as defense secretary on Wednesday, one day after midterm elections in which opposition to the war in Iraq contributed to heavy Republican losses.

Rummy_fingers_2 During a mid-term election that turned into a referendum on W's leadership overall, and in Iraq especially, he stands tall and says Rumsfeld will stay out the rest of his presidency. Knowing full well that this will alienate some of the moderate Dems and Repubs who support the war on terror, but wonder about Rumsfeld's prosecution of it. So these folks decide enough is enough and take their frustration to the only place they can voice it, voting the bums who support Bush out and a Dem majority in. Now both Houses of Congress will be run by a party that burns with hate from having 2 elections stolen.

Oh, and can we please have a big bowl of STFU about Diebold machines and stolen elections.

Having profoundly screwed the pooch and ensured we will have to fight harder here than Baghdad to win the freakin' war, he surrenders to his new Democrat overlords and throws them Rummy's carcass to gnaw on. IDIOT!

If this was a possibility then it should have happened before the election and would probably have shown the folks who voted against staying the course that he was making important changes. Instead he ensures they believe the prevailing story that W and Rummy are not listening and have no plan and it cost dearly.

F*** the political implications for the Republicans, this screws our troops. W may still be C in C but Nancy Freakin' Pelosi is in charge of his allowance. And won't we have some fun when John Conyers fires up the impeachment special, and Henry Waxman sticks his head up the DOD Contracting Office's ass about Halliburton, not even mentioning any money to replace the tons of gear destroyed or worn out in Iraq. The best we can hope for is that the Dems take pity on the poor uneducated troops and at least pay for some decent benefits. Hell they may do a better job of taking care of them than this administration has. IDIOT!

I'm done, W is dead to me. I don't hold with most of the criticisms of W and Rummy, but this debacle cost our entire country and I no longer believe that Bush is capable of leading us, well me for sure. This administration has been nowhere near as incompetent as portrayed by the media and the left, but there have been too many screw ups and too little success. As always, I reserve the right to retract or revise my BS statements once I cool down. IDIOT!