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"The military needs to pull their heads out of their asses," says Matthew Currier Burden, author of "Blog of War," who operates a blog named "Blackfive" and who is a former paratrooper and Army officer. "I think it's needed [milblogs] in order to win this war, to hear these voices and understand the soldiers' experience. Otherwise, you just have the daily al Qaeda car bombings."

Yeah, I said that about the DoD headshed that aren't thinking about how the censorship of military bloggers will hamper the fight, create an even greater disconnect between the military and the general American public, and lose an important information resource.

Jonathon Silverstein interviews the Tanker Brothers, Noah Schachtman of, and me for this piece on Military Blogging.  Noah is a more elegant  statesman than I...

Blogging from the Frontlines Tell the True Story of Life Under Fire?

Frustrated by the media's coverage of the war in Iraq, which they felt left out the good and instead focused on grim body counts and gory car bombings, two brothers from Texas decided to put out the message they thought wasn't getting through in the form of a blog,

Here is a ABCNews Tanker Brothers interview (it's a great read and just goes to prove how much we're going to miss their blogging) - Military Blogger Speaks His Mind:

...We are both Texans. We're both Hispanic, grew up comfortable middle class. Both went to private schools, we both played sports, as well as academic extracurricular activities. I joined up when I was 17 — I needed my Mom and Dad's permission. I wasn't ready to go to college, and turned my back on a national Hispanic scholarship. I wanted to not only read about History, I wanted to live it. I wanted to make history. I enlisted as an M1 Tanker. In the 14 years I've been in, I've done just that: I've deployed all over the world, spent 10 years stationed in Germany, and got a chest full of ribbons to go with all my experiences. My brother was a little bit older when he joined, just as things were starting to heat up in the lead-up to the War in Iraq. He'd seen what I'd done, and he wanted to be a part of that. So he turned his back on a lucrative job in Dallas, and joined up as an M1 Tanker like his big brother. We deployed to OIF 2 together, and we're going to deploy together again. To be honest, I wouldn't want it any other way...

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