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Uncle Jimbo in Wikipedia

Double Secret Update: Holy Crap, I think it worked. The first line of the entry I edited on the Uncle Jimbo page has been slightly changed, but the page remains. I actually did a lamer attempt at this a few weeks back and the next day it had simply been changed back. This time they may have accepted things.

My edit had read:

South Park character Uncle Jimbo Kern page located here.

It was changed to this:

This article is about the milblogger. For the South Park character, see Jimbo Kern.

That seems like a style book edit and acceptance of my right to be Wikified as Uncle Jimbo. Rock On! Maybe Frank J's efforts will come to fruition as well, I mean he is #3 for Frank searches on Google and Frank Sinatra is 4. I think we need a Blackfive entry for sure.

Plus there is this, which I didn't do, as efforts to define the phenomenon of Uncle J begin.

It should be noted that, while Uncle Jimbo is generally a supporter of the Bush administration and Republicans (which can be mutually exclusive), he allows all views on his blogs. His fairness and evenhandedness are appreciated by bloggers from all points on the political spectrum who are interested in military matters.

As part of my ongoing scheme for global domination and world peace, I have been using Wikipedia as a source for simple encyclopedia type info such as dates and other factual items. It does have a left-leaning tilt overall, but that mostly shows in descriptions of people and events. I have found it very useful for references to historical information that is not disputed.

In the spirit Wikipedia is intended, I have taken it upon myself to edit their page for Uncle Jimbo as it failed completely to notice my dominance of the internets. Before my edit a search for Uncle Jimbo there would have redirected you to this page for Uncle Jimbo Kern from South Park. But there was no information about other Uncle Jimbos, most notably me. I did Google and Yahoo searches for Uncle Jimbo and my dominance was overwhelming, Top 4 spots on Yahoo and 7 of the top 10 and top 3 on Google as well as 6 of the top 10. I posted those and edited the page to include a link to the TV cartoon Uncle Jimbo and I await the acceptance of the Wiki gurus.

If anyone understands the Wiki game please feel free to help me out in this noble goal of educating the world about me.

UPDATE: Once again JihadGene does us the service of channeling the putt-putt pro from Pyongyang and his Wiki weaselings.

HELLROW and most honorable gleetings to Uncle JimBlow and Brack Five Weeders from da Yellow Cake Kid in peace ruving Norf Korea!!!
I take a blake now as General Wang is out plicking up moe roasted donkey and MD 20/20 for woket scientists, so I hab time to give advize to Uncle JimBlow (AKA Mista Brack Face). Doze PLUNKS at Wikipedifilia lecognize nuffing accurately, Uncle BJ...I mean JB. So dome be offlended. I grive you world's gleatest golfer, seen on DPRK TV and intoenet. Butt why no mention of me as a gloff pro on Wiki webslite?! Just not flair JimBlowsan! Butt you hang wiff me bro-ham and we will...togedder... like Bob and Marllee, make it happen Captain!!! Preeze see hot link berow and turn up da sound for Kim the Numba 1 Bigg Daddy 'O Golf! You gotta ruv da tunes!!! Hab a Boss weekend!!!
Great Reader,
Kim, Jong Il

Also Frank J of IMAO in which the A is supposed to be Arrogant, HA, recounts his battles with the Wikiographers.

Anyway, people have tried a number of times to add an entry for IMAO to Wikipedia with no success, and it's the number three Google hit for "Frank". When people first tried to add IMAO, they had a very subjective reasoning on what made a blog "notable." Now, they have a better definition of a "notable" blog, but it's still pretty subjective.

But, come on, they have like five pages for some dumb B Movie like UltraViolet and can't even spare a paragraph for IMAO?

We must prevail or the terrorists will have won