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The Norks have nukes

Update: Some Instapundit love, and I actually did the photoshop myself although one of our pros at thought I needed to movie tone Kim's face. BAH!

Double Secret Update from party in Pyongyang (Jihadgene channels):

HELLROW Uncle JimBlow and enrightened flends of Brack Five!!! I know it is a Munday...blutt just rike James Clown....I Feel Glood! ...boomp! boomp!... So Glood!....I Gotch Chew!...... My "Joy Brigade" (AKA Hoes) now clapping for me...yeah blaybee!!! WoooEeee...da Jagermeister and KimChee must be kickin in.
Anyhowze, Uncle JimBlow...I just runted to let you know that at 1035HRS, on Munday, 9 Oct 2006, Pyongyang Time, I clacked one off. Not too bligg on sphincter scale, granted, butt implessive...none da less. Now I klick back and watch your "Patriotic" Democlats brame George Bloosh for dis....Bhwahahahahahah!!!
Now I must mount a white intern...I mean horse ...and shout  to the mountains!!!
                                          KIM, Jong IL
                                          #1 ELVIS FAN

So the Norks officially have nukes, lovely. Nobody saw this coming, I mean they have been negotiating in good faith right? All we need to do is establish some common ground, open up lines of communication, establish a dialogue, conduct round after round of formal lying in formal wear and surely we can all just get along.


Nope, and now one of the craziest, megalomaniacal, homicidal tyrants on earth has the trump card, just lovely. As horrifyingly bad as this is I am going to focus on the upside first. Nothing like the actual threat of nuclear devastation to focus the old mind eh?



We have been tap dancing around this issue as the usual suspects make the usual calls for multi, or uni, or dual lateral talks. The maniacs on the other side of the table stifle their giggles and nod at the wise and statesmanlike Euros and fellow traveling American realists, leftys and progressives. But now we have atomic proof of the failure of spineless negotiations, we have been rewarded with just what we deserve. But here is where Kim stepped in it.