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October 2006

Pundit Review Radio & Partitioning Iraq?

Since they work 24/7, the audio HipCast (cool name) of my discussion with Kevin & Greg from Pundit Review is here. After I was done they mentioned they enjoyed having Matt or I on because we aren't administration cheerleaders, we talk about the good, the bad & the ugly. That kinda came out for me last night as we discussed Iraq. I don't maintain very many fixed ideas that are not open to challenge; I assume if I thought of it there is quite likely a flaw.

We have been in Iraq for three and one half years and have labored mightily to achieve a free and stable, democratic Iraq. We have succeeded in two of the three, having watched 9 million vote with minimal violence, but we have been unable to create a stable and secure environment. Given freedom, the Sunnis and Shia have chosen to have a barbarity competition rather than pull together for their common good. The Kurds have essentially withdrawn behind a border they enforce with their own troops rather than Iraqi National forces, and it's working out great for them.

We took action because Sadaam had his hands behind his back, and wouldn't show us he had put down his bad things. That was right and proper. Now we occupy a country, partly, and have undertaken to enable a democracy supported by the vast majority of the country. I have quite a few more thoughts on this, so I'm gonna stop here and follow up later with some suggestions for going forward. I would love to hear what all of you think we should do next in Iraq.

If We Knew Then...

A day or so ago, National Review Online’s Jonah Goldberg penned a column stating that, in effect, knowing what we know now about Iraq, the war can only be called a mistake.

Having met Jonah a few times at some DC area NRO drink-fests, I love the guy and admire nearly everything he’s written (he wouldn’t know me from a hole in the ground, though).

I think he has totally missed the mark with his “if we knew then what we know now” approach to the Iraqi Freedom.

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby answers Jonah with a great piece today. Read the whole thing here, but Jacoby goes to the history books and mentions the war of 1812, the Civil War, the Battle of the Bulge during WW2 as good examples of events the United States became involved in that could have benefited from some future knowledge or some. Hell…..*anything* would go better if you knew how it was going to end up, but things simply don’t work that way.

If one waits for a moment in time – for that particular instant when you know *precisely* what will happen, one will be waiting forever and will never act - ever, because you will never, ever know what the future has in store.

Building on Jacoby’s model, one can pick almost any page of history and find some instance where if we knew what was going to happen or if we had *perfect* intelligence (which is really what Goldberg is getting at), perhaps we would have acted differently. That perfect knowledge of events will never happen, so we must continue to do what needs to be done based on what we have at the particular time.

Its a trite saying, but *hindsight* is 20/20 - *foresight* will never be better than our best efforts at gathering the best information that is available and acting on that information.   Making informed decisiosn based on the information you know or have access to is one of the hard and fast responsibilities of our leaders, both civilian and military, right down the chain of command to the lowest ranks.  Not acting because you don't have all the intelligence you need is certainly one option available to the warfighter, but when risks are weighed and options are developed, sometimes you simply cannot *not* act.  Iraq was one of those situations. 

Uncle J on Pundit Review Radio

Since even Matt deserves a life, I will be on Pundit Review Radio tonight at 9:20 eastern/8:20 central, you can listen here. We're gonna talk about Al Qaeda's information war using the media, on YouTube, they are everywhere. With perfect timing reader CeeCee sends this example of our side gaining an edge in this battle, and yes I would love the Chicken Adobo recipe.

Christina Lamb, Naray, Afghanistan

“ASSALAMU alaikum Nuristan” may not have quite the same ring as “Good morning, Vietnam”, but American troops stationed at the remotest base in Afghanistan are finding a makeshift radio station to be their most potent weapon in the war against Al-Qaeda-led militants.

The soldiers have distributed more than 8,000 radios, mostly wind-up or solar-powered, and have another 20,000 to hand out. The station
broadcasts to 48 villages comprising 60,000 people but is extending. Boxes have been placed in villages for requests and they receive about 45 a day. “Many of the letters ask, ‘Why are you here?’” laughed Hampton.

In fact, the radio station is already the most listened to of the three
available in the area and this has brought some unexpected rewards.
“When we broadcast asking people if they had any information about IEDs  improvised explosive devices), people started turning up every day with information,” said Hampton.

Similarly, when a Raven remote-controlled surveillance aircraft went
down, the news was broadcast on the radio. Within an hour, someone was at the front gate with the 4ft craft.

Cowboy Talk

Today I had a leopard Appaloosa mare named Sequila rip the top rail right off a fence, trying to keep me from putting a saddle on her.  Later, I rode her up into the hills on a perfect afternoon.

I mention this because of Dan Froomkin's Wasington Post piece titled "Where's the Cowboy Talk Now?"  He says he'd like to hear some "some of that famous cowboy talk" from Bush on North Korea.  Maybe he'd like to hear some from me.

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Friday Sweetness & Light

Since I feel refreshed after pummeling CNN yesterday, I will let a little milk of human kindness flow.

Andrea Shea-King reminds us all about an auction to benefit Reid and Ellicia Stanley a young military family working through Ellicia's illness. Buzz Patterson donated a trio of his autographed books and the auction is here. You know what to do.

And Kit from Euphoric Reality has an update on the Pendleton 8, who let us know how you helped them out.

Thank you for all of your support thus far, and please thank your readers from the bottom of my heart for their continued help.  The families truly do not have the words to express how thankful they are, but one mother said, "What a country we live in.  To think that strangers would help my son like this...to think they would help us...God bless these people."


Counter CNN Media Blast

I just finished smoking a nice cigar and thought about our recent couple AnySoldier Combined Federal Campaign Charity drives we did recently. It was a good time but one thing began to burn my butt. The amount of ignorance I was met with because of the many people that don’t know about AnySoldier.com or for that fact any troop support sites at all.

Kinda pissed me off. With the dog butt CNN (Communist News Network) putting footage of scumbags sniping our joes  all over their site I couldn’t figure out why we would put that kind of dog shit on American news and not some sort of advertisement for the support sites for our freaking troops in harms way!

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CNN in the Crosshairs

Metaphorically for now Cnn_in_the_crosshairs

If you don't know why I'm pissed, read this from Matt. That noise you just heard was me loosening up my swearing muscles. It has been about three hours since I found out that CNN became a terrorist press agency, and it took that long to chill enough to type. I keep clenching all my muscles and imagining my hand, Ted Turner's scrawny neck, a wall, and a torrent of verbal abuse flowing from my cakehole to his entire existence, punctuated by occasional slams of him into said wall.

WTF is their problem?  I don't give two flying f**ks how global those bastards are, their headquarters is in Atlanta. If they want to act as press agents for our enemies I suggest they relocate to somewhere in Al Anbar Province. There can be no justification for showing terrorists killing Americans, none. The only way terrorism can be effective is if it's message gets out, and showing their successes on freakin' CNN is about the best they could ever hope for.

Congratulations assholes you just made heroes out of murderous scum who spend more of their time blowing up innocent Iraqi children than ever actually fighting US troops. The CNN description talks about how dangerous it is for the brave snipers of the Islamic Army of Iraq, Allahu Akhbar! But that's BS, this isn't sniping, this is murder in an urban setting. These swine hide in civilian clothes among the civilian populace and jack off a couple of rounds before hiding the gun in some lady's laundry and sneaking out the back door.

CNN has made a conscious choice and they chose the wrong side. By promoting these evil killers, by giving them credibility, by treating them as simply our opposites, they have decided that the terrorists are our equivalent. How shameful that our major media are so unable to make moral distinctions that terrorist killers and our own sons and daughters are simply opponents, equally culpable for the crime of having disturbed the peace of their liberal mindset.

There are a few decent people at CNN, but they work for a disgraceful, morally bankrupt organ that serves no purpose higher than propaganda for anti-Americans where ever they lay their heads. Arwa Damon from CNN , one of the decent ones there, is embedded right now, or was real recently, I wonder how much longer she can keep working for folks who are helping kill the troops she walks next to.

CNN - Plays Into the Hands of the Enemy (Knowingly)

This post is Rated R for language.  I decided that this is one of the few cases since 2003 where it is entirely appropriate.

CNN has a video of snipers shooting at and killing American forces.  Here is how they frame it:

Almost 2,800 Americans have been killed so far in Iraq and one of the most dangerous insurgent opponents is the sniper. CNN has obtained graphic video from the Islamic Army of Iraq, one of the most active insurgent organizations in Iraq, showing its sniper teams targeting U.S. troops. The Islamist Army says it wants talks with the United States and some Islamist Internet postings call for a P.R. campaign aimed at influencing the American public. The video is disturbing to watch but CNN believes the story, shocking as it is, needs to be told.

Yeah, I'm sure CNN agonized over the decision to post the video of terrorists killing American troops. 

Bottom-line: CNN knowingly plays into the hands of the enemy. 

How do the troops feel?  My In-Box is flooded with angry emails.  Here's an email that I received from a Staff Sergeant (OIF III) that pretty much sums up my feelings about this situation:

    Came across a video clip that is absolutely appalling. It is on Communist News Network (CNN). They claim that they received it from a insurgency outfit in Iraq. It shows insurgent snipers taking aim on U.S. soldiers in Iraq. This is the crap that the insurgents want us to see. I don't think that some parents/loved ones need to see this or the American populace. This is BULLSHIT!!!!! Another fine reason NOT to trust the MSM of today. Maybe we need to send them over without the PRESS on the IBA or the special blue helmets that these cocksuckers wear over there. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good fight.

I sent an email to CNN asking how the decision to show the video was made and whether or not they considered the war effort, the feelings of the families back home and the troops fighting this war.

Perhaps, Eason Jordan is back at CNN?  Peter Arnette freelancing?  WTF?!!!

You can leave a comment at CNN about this video.

Note:  The CNN story after the sniper killing American troops is one about US soldiers accused of rape and murder.

Update:  Uncle Jimbo responds appropriately.

Update:  Anderson Cooper responds...

...Instantly, the piece received many strongly-worded responses from viewers.

Many viewers thought it inappropriate for us to air video of Americans being shot: "If I had a son or daughter over there serving, I would be outraged by what I feel is your aiding and comforting the enemy."

Some worried about kids who might have watched the program. (We clearly warned viewers the video was not appropriate for children before we aired it.)

Others praised us for showing the threats U.S. military personnel actually face: "Thanks for having the guts to show the sniper update and to show us the other side of the story. Please continue to give us the truth; I know the network is bound to be taking heat."

And still others thought by dipping to black and not showing the moment of impact of the sniper rounds we were sanitizing the horror of war: " ... I think the reason it took Americans so long to come around on this war is because they somehow did not think it was real because they never saw anyone hurt ... you guys need to show the unvarnished truth."

Whether or not you agree with us in this case, our goal, as always, is to present the unvarnished truth as best we can.

Confederate Yankee actually points out the unvarnished truth.  I hope that Anderson Cooper reads that post.