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More Reviews for "The Blog of War"

Frank Wilson at Books Inq. points to the latest review of "The Blog of War" in the Philly Inquirer by Mark Yost.  Here is part of the review:

...Lest you think this is merely a collection of hyperpatriotic rants, it is not. If it were, it would be no better than the reportage pumped into the 24-hour news cycle every day. No, unfettered by editors or agendas, these soldiers tell both the good and the bad of the war on terrorism. In short, they're free to tell the truth about what they see and live every day.

Navy Lt. Cmdr. Heidi S. Kraft created "The List," which detailed the good things about life in Iraq ("Sunsets over the desert") as well as the bad ("Ushering a sobbing Marine colonel away from the trauma bay while several of his Marines bled and cried out in pain")...