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More Praise for The Blog of War from Readers

Thought I'd share some feedback on The Blog of War from the most important (to me) reviewers - Blackfive regulars:

From FMJ:

I have read Blackfive for about a year now. I recently received my copy of "The Blog of War". Having been a blue-water sailor, I have no personal experience of land warfare. I must thank you for your book. It conveys some of what our warriors go through. This is doubly important to me, as I have been speaking to an Army recruiter about reentering the military (at 41 years of age!).
Thank you again, sir, for an informative book. It is rare for a book to
bring tears (both of sadness, and of indescribable pride in our warriors and our country) to my eyes, but your book did it.

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Don writes:

Hey B5,

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I've been enjoying TBoW.  You have edited it well and it flows very nicely.  The stories and emotions are really gut wrenching and hard to read at times, but riveting and important none-the-less. 

I wish you much luck with the book and I remain a fan of the B5 blog.

From Joe:

dear sir
   thank you for putting together the blog of war.  it was a great read. i enjoy your blog. i never would have heard of your book.god forbid the msm doing stories that show the military in a positive light.if you talk with any of the bloggers from the book please let them know there are alot of people that are proud of our military.keep up the great work and good luck with the book.

And from Kevin:


I just received my copy of The Blog of War yesterday and tore into it this morning on my train ride to work. I had to stop when I got to the dispatch from Sarah Elizabeth Walker, however, when she described the 4 year-old son of another soldier who said Im being strong too because the tears wouldnt stop.


I was sad that a 4 year-old had to be strong because his dad was going into harms way.


I was sad because his dad did this for me and my family and I’ve never met him.


I was sad because thats a debt I will not be able to repay, regardless of how much money or time I earn or donate.


My wife and I have 3 beautiful boys, one of whom is 4. I have not had the honor of serving in the military but like to thing that he too is strong, even if he hasnt been asked to be under the same circumstances.


Youre doing good, important work. Please keep it up, and thank you for doing it and for serving your country.

There's a lot more, some too personal to share, and one I'm going to have framed from a WWII Infantry vet who thought the pieces could've been written by his soldiers and their families.