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Navy SEAL Michael A. Monsoor-Someone You Should Know

Last Friday in Ramadi, Iraq SEAL Team THREE lost its second SEAL in combat, SO2 Michael A. Monsoor.  Mike was from Garden Grove, CA and having failed to complete BUD/S training his first time around, Mike was undeterred.  He came back through and made it this time.  Details of the operation he was involved in have yet to be released by the Navy, but all of the verbal reports that I have received from friends still on active duty indicate that it is probably time to rename the Galley at NAB Coronado and stand by for a Medal of Honor nomination.

My understanding thus far is that during some sort of combat engagement a terrorist was able to toss a grenade into a room occupied by Mike and at least two other SEALs.  Recognizing the danger to his fellow SEALs, Mike selflessly placed himself in a position to block the blast of the grenade with his own body and saved the lives of his platoonmates. 

Sympathy cards to Michael's family are being collected by the great people at Soldier's Angels. Thanks Richard and Adele!

Family of Michael A. Monsoor
C/O Patriot Support
716 Centre of New England Blvd. #173
Coventry, RI 02816

Editorial time:  I have been consistently frustrated with the Navy and the NSW leadership's seeming unwillingness to adequately award and nominate enlisted SEALs for their consistent valorous conduct.  I do not want to go into any specifics here, but suffice it to say that the enlisted SEAL community and this blog in particular will be watching what happens with Michael Monsoor.