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IT ONLY TAKES ONE PERSON TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE( Original One Marines View Aug 26 post update)

Hello Major Pain,
I am not sure if I am emailing the right person, but here it goes... if not maybe you can tell me who to contact. I typed in a few words and came up with your site... I didn't know that it was there. I knew about the anysoldier site, but not the anymarine site. I am the mother of SSG Bryan Fluharty. First, I want to thank you for posting it... second I am wondering if you could help me come up with a way to get the story out and also update you on what has been happening. Bryan now has his children back... Children's Services took them away from mom last weekend and he got the call to come to Louisiana. There are pictures of them and updates on this website...  V.O.I.C.E.S. Home and check out Chelsie's Letter  It is a heartbreaker.
This isn't over by far, he has hearings coming up the end of the month there is Louisiana and is told there will be more...and hopefully the kids will be able to stay here, stay in school, and not have to attend the hearings. There is another scheduled for here in November, but we are told it may be canceled... again.
There are also some senators getting involved in making some law changes so others don't have to go through this. A very special lady, Kim Willmon has been emailing away and has had some very positive response. Senator Nick Gautreaux was especially helpful in "rescuing" these children and has been speaking to Senator Marc Dann's office here in Ohio. There are some others also from other states who are climbing on board too.. this should have never happened, those kids should have never been sent back to endure being "dragged by their hair and beaten." I am very proud of my son being able to hold it together to make sure he would be able to be here for his kids, I don't know how he did it. Yes I do, he did it FOR THEM.
These law changes would benefit not only other children but service members as well... and it is the right thing to do.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like with any suggestions. I truly would appreciate anything you can do to help make all of their V.O.I.CE.S. heard. Thank you for everything you have done, including serving our country.
Char Fluharty