The Killers Vs. Green Day

Cowboy Medicine

Continuing the "cowboy up" theme, former Marine Doc Russia -- now through med school, and practicing medicine -- describes a recent case.

So today I was asked to take a look at a very cute and scared little girl who had, as I put it, "gotten into a fight with a glass shower door..."

In emergency medicine, there are times when you need to totally cowboy it. There will be injuries that come through your doors which are so strange and improbable that there is no manual for it. There is no algorithm, no handbook, no consultant to call. You will just have to look at it as a stand alone case by itself, and come up with a plan. That's something that I love about Emergency medicine; while so much is routine, there is still going to be the occasional case where it is nothing but improvise, adapt, and overcome. It's time to cowboy it. I went a little cowboy on this....

Go see how it turned out.  I admire the man as much for what he did, as the fact that he's thinking so carefully about it.