Good thing Private Spicolli isn't here...
In the Presence of Greatness

Constitutional Public Radio infiltrated by Uncle J

I will be discoursing with the good folks at Constitutional Public Radio this afternoon at 4 pm Eastern. I assume we will discuss my plans for global domination and world peace, but I imagine some topics of the day will make their way in. If nothing else Andrea Shea King can school me about limited government.

Update: Comment below written by: Andrea & Mark

I think we will DEFINITELY talk about this on today's show -- looking forward to having you on with us.


"Not Freaking Out Anymore Over It"
Constitutional Public Radio - CPR for the Heart of America
Listen to Jimbo on the live stream at
The rest of you on Florida's Space Coast - listen on AM 1510
3 to 5 p.m. today. Mark, set, go!