CNN - Plays Into the Hands of the Enemy (Knowingly)
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CNN in the Crosshairs

Metaphorically for now Cnn_in_the_crosshairs

If you don't know why I'm pissed, read this from Matt. That noise you just heard was me loosening up my swearing muscles. It has been about three hours since I found out that CNN became a terrorist press agency, and it took that long to chill enough to type. I keep clenching all my muscles and imagining my hand, Ted Turner's scrawny neck, a wall, and a torrent of verbal abuse flowing from my cakehole to his entire existence, punctuated by occasional slams of him into said wall.

WTF is their problem?  I don't give two flying f**ks how global those bastards are, their headquarters is in Atlanta. If they want to act as press agents for our enemies I suggest they relocate to somewhere in Al Anbar Province. There can be no justification for showing terrorists killing Americans, none. The only way terrorism can be effective is if it's message gets out, and showing their successes on freakin' CNN is about the best they could ever hope for.

Congratulations assholes you just made heroes out of murderous scum who spend more of their time blowing up innocent Iraqi children than ever actually fighting US troops. The CNN description talks about how dangerous it is for the brave snipers of the Islamic Army of Iraq, Allahu Akhbar! But that's BS, this isn't sniping, this is murder in an urban setting. These swine hide in civilian clothes among the civilian populace and jack off a couple of rounds before hiding the gun in some lady's laundry and sneaking out the back door.

CNN has made a conscious choice and they chose the wrong side. By promoting these evil killers, by giving them credibility, by treating them as simply our opposites, they have decided that the terrorists are our equivalent. How shameful that our major media are so unable to make moral distinctions that terrorist killers and our own sons and daughters are simply opponents, equally culpable for the crime of having disturbed the peace of their liberal mindset.

There are a few decent people at CNN, but they work for a disgraceful, morally bankrupt organ that serves no purpose higher than propaganda for anti-Americans where ever they lay their heads. Arwa Damon from CNN , one of the decent ones there, is embedded right now, or was real recently, I wonder how much longer she can keep working for folks who are helping kill the troops she walks next to.