Beirut Embassy Bombing anniversary
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CNN hypes enemy shooters, Malkin supports US snipers

We had been considering an appropriate response to CNN here at Blackfive, but all the ideas involved infrared scopes and SPECTRE gunships, and those are needed elsewhere. Fortunately Michelle Malkin did some zen jui-jitsu and re-focused the crosshairs:

Now I want to turn my anger into something productive. I am asking you to combat CNN's glorification of Iraqi jihadist snipers by supporting American snipers. Seems like the only time American snipers earn CNN and other international media organization's attention is when they make mistakes and can be tarred as reckless killers. (formerly Adopt a Sniper) collects items to support our troops. You can read letters from the front here. Donate here.

I choose sides. The side of the American sniper. We know which side CNN is on. How about you?

I think I can come down squarely on the side of the American trigger puller and the more vital shot-calling spotter.