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Bolton reads Kim Jong-Il the menu

John Bolton has done a magnificent job of repping our interests in the cesspool known as the UN. He actually got a reasonably worded resolution on North Korea approved unanimously by the Security Council. W ought to hold a press conference on Monday to celebrate this success and renew Bolton's tenure with a recess appointment and wag his finger at the Senate for failing to confirm him. What's a guy got to do to get a full ride as our mouthpiece to the world's "elite"?

Not that I think any of this posturing and preening will actually change much, I mean it explicitly states no military action. But the fact that we got the Chinese and Russians to do the right thing is major by itself. Plus some people actually take the UN seriously and this helps our clout with them. I think the fun part may be that we can search cargo going in and out, that allows for a much, bigger boot on Kim's neck.

I wish I thought the CIA actually had some serious dirty tricks capability because Kim would be a perfect target to take out, James Bond style.

SEOUL, South Korea - He's known for swigging cognac and owning thousands of bottles of vintage French wine. His private train is reportedly stocked with live lobsters served with silver chopsticks. He allegedly flew in an Italian chef to make him pizzas.

Couldn't we slip a couple of pounds of high explosives in a roast duck, or send a compote of anthrax. I don't care exactly just whack him and let everybody wonder if we did, and who might be next. We could call it the John Bolton Diet.

"I think the North Korean population has been losing average height and weight over the years and maybe this will be a little diet for Kim Jong Il," John Bolton, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said Friday as the resolution was under debate.

The big question is will any of this failed diplomacy be recognized as we contemplate an Iranian bomb. We have seen that jaw-flapping, cash & prizes, and weak inspections will not stop a determined state that wants nukes, Iran certainly has. Any reliance on the same again gets close to the defintion of insanity, repeating the same actions expecting different results.

I sure wish I didn't think that most of world is crazy.