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Barack Obama- "But he's so well spoken"

Barack_o_urkel_1I was on the "I can't believe I gotta hear about this clown" bandwagon early, and it is just nauseating to watch the Dems take this complete political tool and brand him as the great cafe au lait hope.

Has he ever done anything? Nope. Is he a 100% ADA liberal voting record? Yep. Does he do a credible job of keeping a suit off the ground? Yep. Is he well spoken? Yep. And then I hear Chris Rock in a stand up talking about the condescension of whites discussing whether they would vote for Colin Powell. "Oh he's so well spoken. He just speaks so well."

"Of course he's well spoken you ignint mofo, he's an educated man. What did you expect him to sound like"

Obama's the perfect stealth liberal candidate. Young enough to have done nothing much, especially nothing embarrassing. Good-looking enough to fit our ridiculous cult of beauty requirement. And best of all he's technically black, actually he's more of a legitimate African-American, the kind who now pick up a lot of those diversity slots at our colleges. If he is black, Condi Rice is an around the way girl.

So join the race you silly, well-spoken, empty suit. You or Hillary, who cares.