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Apple computer Store Offensive to Muslims

This 'taking offensive to everything non-Muslim' has been out of hand for some time - here's one more piece of proof from ZDNet's Apple Blog:

Muslims offended by 5th Avenue Apple store
Posted by Jason D. O'Grady @ 12:01 am

A Middle East research organization reports that Apple's flagship retail store on 5th Avenue in midtown Manhattan (between 58th and 59th) is offensive to Muslims. The report cites an Islamic Web site urging Muslims to spread the word in hope that "Muslims will be able to stop the project."...

The rest of the post about how the Mecca resemblance of the Apple Store is offensive, complete with photos of Mecca and the offensive 5th Avenue Apple Store, is here.

While beheading innocent people doesn't seem to bother these organizations listed in the report, a freakin' Apple store on 5th Avenue DOES...