So What About This?
Hospital Corpsmen Fight "The Hardest Battle"


You see after the Arizona Republic newspaper cartoonist (traitor) ran his cartoon of accusing the USMC of being murders; I kind of got a red ass.  Now after proof this guy is by himself we had put out our own ad in his paper and the American people, Marine supporters helped pay for it. Just to show the few idiots out there, you shouldn’t mess with what you don’t know about.

We couldn’t use the desired picture because, wouldn’t give me the rights to use it, commies! This one is of some warrior friends of mine! Better anyway!

If you send needed items to troops, print this off and include it in your next pkg. Let them know, we are thinking and support them while fighting the nations wars!!!

To all who donated, I say two powerful words, Thank You!

God Bless all who appears on the ad, I’ll have a cigar in your name!

Maj Pain