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Update on AP terrorist collaborations

Carl the commenter, journalist and I believe currently serving has requested that I correct the statement that Bilal Hussein took the pic of an Iraqi election worker being massacred. When I first wrote about the AP winning a Pulitzer prize for photography I correctly noted that the ASSociated Press, as I named them, refused to name the scumbag who took that photo. In a piece last April about our boy Bilal also getting some Pulitzer action and also this bit, I attributed the election photo to him.  AP says this is not true.

How did the photographer come to be in one of the most dangerous parts of one of the most dangerous streets in Baghdad at this particular time? He had been tipped by another journalist that “something happened on Haifa Street.” Immediately he headed out the door for a car trip to Haifa Street. He found a burning car and photographed it about 300 meters from what would later turn out to be the execution scene.

Because of the still-tense situation in Baghdad and concerns over the safety of the photographer, the AP has not identified the photographer, an AP photo stringer. Those security concerns were explained to the Pulitzer jurors in submitting the 20-photo entry.

AP photographers in Iraq and other hostile environments around the world go to great lengths every day to get all sides of the story, and at enormous personal risk. They try to balance safety concerns with getting access. No matter where they are, the goal is always to tell the story accurately.

OK I am done laughing about their desire to tell the story accurately, maybe to frame the story to fit our anti-American agenda would better serve. My bad for naming Bilal as that particular collaborator. He did take these terror glory shots however.

They say it wasn’t Bilal who snapped the election murder and that they have more than one collaborator helping them help the terrorists, OK I’ll take your word for it. But how does that reflect well on the AP, huh? So their relations with a group of terrorist killers is better than we knew, congratulations. Just out of curiosity what was Bilal doing with a couple of terrorist leaders and a pile of weapons when he got scarfed up? And following up, if you intend to continue embedding your “journalists” with our enemies, why shouldn’t we consider them enemy combatants? They are certainly providing the same services as a US military Public Affairs Officer and those folks are fair game, so why shouldn’t we have every right to target them if they are fellow traveling and assisting our enemies? I ask this of AP’s Director of Photography Santiago Lyon in an email.

Do you have a right to cover both sides of every story? How ’bout sending a photog along with a rapist to ensure that the violator’s story is fairly covered?

The rest of that and the conundrum of the day here.